Monday, January 14, 2013

Walmart joins Dicks Sporting Goods

I have long since stopped going to Walmart or I refer to it, "China Mart" (with the exception of my horses 4$ cancer med!). But as of today, they have cemented their position on the IFF Foes list along side Dicks Sporting Goods with this, (Link)

“As of right now WalMart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the Second Amendment.  As of right now we are unsure of what new legislation might be coming, and because of this, we are suspending new orders."

Update your range and area information accordingly. (Not a big surprise on this one)

UPDATE 1/15/13 taken from Bob Owen Blogsite
Rumors being floated over the past 24-48 hours that the company is going to sell out their existing stock of ammunition then not purchase any more ammunition are, according to the official corporate voice of the company, completely false. She said that their is no truth to the rumors, and that she’d be issuing a statement to that effect this evening.

So, I can feel less guilty about buying my horses cancer meds, but Walmart still represents China Mart, so we shall not re-add them to the family shopping options.

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