Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day.....

I know he has gone home, but I do and will always hear, see, and feel my Dad in my heart and head. And I am glad. I feel his presence as I walk, work, and live on our farm. Even now, when I go to work, I feel his smile and hear his interest and excitement in my work. Each time my career took a step, he was proud of his son, especially when he called me to ask how that last interview went. I think he as was excited as I was to hear I was headed back to Tech where we both got our engineering degrees. In fact, in spite of many things, he was always proud of all of his sons. He did not always understand us, but he was proud. He hurt those years there was so much strife. I chose a photo from 1972, we were younger and times were tough for the two of us. Times were tough in the family in general. That would get tougher for all of us before they got better. As I got older I came to realize just how difficult life can be and rearing three head strong boys can be a challenge for parents. And I know he did the best he knew how to do. Based on the three of his sons, he (and Mom) did not fail. For my part of the relationship, I thank God that I grew up and times got better between Dad and I. Through his examples (good and “less than good”), he set a standard for me as a person, a man, a husband and engineer.  

Today, I honor my Dad all he taught me and how he loved me as his son.

Oct 19, 1930 - March 19, 2011

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