Wednesday, February 13, 2013

(Verbatium (well I did fix some typo's!))

P2AB is a grass roots movement designed to allow each and every gun owner to know exactly which businesses support the 2nd amendment unconditionally. A business supports the 2nd amendment unconditionally or we do not support it with our purchases.

P2AB started when reports that Mayor R.T. Bybak of Minneapolis, Minnesota and 60 other mayors decided that they were going to stop purchttp://www.p2ab.org/haces from their suppliers that were supporting the 2nd amendment and contributing money in support of those groups opposing gun control. The idea of 

P2AB is based on something Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing wrote several years ago regarding California's decision to make .50 caliber rifles illegal for Californians to own.

The idea of P2AB is very simple. Any firearm manufacturer, ammunition manufacturer, magazine manufacturer, accessory manufacturer, dealer or retailer that conducts business with Minneapolis, the other 60 cities in "Rybak's Gang" or New York City's Mayor Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns is choosing them as a customer over the gun community.

We are the gun culture. We are the gun community. We will ONLY buy the products of those companies that support the 2nd amendment as strongly as we do! If any firearms related business sells their products or services to those who support further infringing on our 2nd amendment rights then they will get no more of our business. You support the 2nd amendment and do not support those who want to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights or we will boycott you. It is your business, you may run it as you please and sell to whomever you please. As consumers it is our choice to purchase from whomever we please. Who purchases more from you? Is it those who want to infringe our 2nd amendment rights or is it hard working Americans?

If you are a retailer who sells products from those manufacturers on our boycott list we will not do business with you.

For too long we have been given in and allowed "reasonable" restrictions to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. For too long we have taken no long-term day-to-day action to protect our 2nd amendment rights. That changes now. We will be single minded in all that we do, whether it is our purchases or our voting - you either support the 2nd amendment unconditionally or we do not support you. We will not buy from you. We will not vote for you.

As of February 4, 2013 P2AB is a new grass roots movement. We will start off with "Rybak's Gang" and Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns as well as retailers. In the future we will expand that list as the grassroots movement decides.

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