Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drones you say......

Some crib notes from folks with extensive experince on the recieving end of drones had their notes published.The article is found in the Telegraph (link) which links to a copy of the notes found in Mali by the AP. As the article notes that:

 "some of the tips are outdated or far-fetched, taken together, they suggest the Islamists in Mali are responding to the threat of drones with sound, common-sense advice that may help them to melt into the desert in between attacks, leaving barely a trace."

""These are not dumb techniques. It shows that they are acting pretty astutely," said Col Cedric Leighton, a 26-year-veteran of the United States Air Force, who helped set up the Predator drone program, which later tracked Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan."

Since the regime is learning from the war in the sandbox, it makes interesting reading for those of us who live here under the domestic drones. 

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