Saturday, February 27, 2016

This news from the Virginia Citizens Defense League
(some edits to combine two emails, streamline it a bit and to fix the titles for the governor and AG.)


From now until July, Virginia will continue to honor all the states Virginia was honoring as of December 1st (approximately 30).  That means that states that have been honoring Virginia permits should continue to do so. HOWEVER, there could be some sputtering on that as the current March 1st deadline will be moved to June 30th on Monday - cutting it awfully close.  The Virginia State Police will update their web site on Monday and will be mailing the states that were originally going to lose recognition on March 1st and let them know that Virginia is going to continue honoring their permits uninterrupted into the future.

To play it safe, the VCDL recommends also carrying your Utah or Florida non-resident permits (if you have one) as backup when traveling out of state.  If you don't have a Utah or Florida non-resident permit, then you should check with the Attorney General's office of the state(s) you plan to visit on their status of recognizing the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit.

Hopefully not too long after July 1st, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Colorado should begin to honor Virginia permits.  VCDL will advise as they come online.

On July 1, citizens of those 19 or so states Virginia does not currently honor, such as California, Oregon, Maine, New York, etc., can begin to carry concealed in Virginia using their home state permit or any non-resident permit they might have.

Also on July 1, a Virginia citizen can continue to carry concealed in Virginia on a non-resident permit from another state as long as they have not been denied a Virginia permit.


Starting on July 1, gun shows will offer a place where private sellers and buyers can go to have a background check run on the buyer.  This is totally VOLUNTARY.  If you don’t like the idea, don’t do it.  Nothing changes from current law if you chose to do so.

If you wish to do the background check, the fee will be somewhere between $2 and $5 (probably $2 for a Virginia resident purchaser and $5 for an out-of-state long gun purchaser).  No information about the gun being transferred should be asked or provided, except saying if it is a handgun or a long gun.  Once complete, the firearm(s) can be transferred and the seller gets a special liability protection should it later turn out that the purchaser was prohibited from owning a gun.  (Under current law the police could knock on your door if a gun you sold was used in a crime to verify that you didn’t knowingly sell to a criminal.)  If the purchase is delayed, you will have to wait for the delay to clear if you want that additional legal protection.


A person subject to a PERMANENT (a maximum of 2 years) protection order for domestic violence (and nothing else) cannot possess firearms until the protection order is lifted.  A permanent protection order can only be issued after the person who is the subject of the protection order has had his day in court to refute the protection order.  The person would have 24 hours to possess and transport his firearms for the purpose of giving them to another person who could legally possess firearms for safe keeping.  Federal law already has just such a ban in place, this merely mimics it.


Hands down, the driving force in putting together the “deal" was Senator Bryce Reeves, who carried one of the two final preemption bills.  Delegate Mike Webert carried the matching bill in the House.  (Webert has put in some particularly powerful bills this year.)

Special thanks also goes to Delegate Todd Gilbert, who did a great job in coordinating the “deal” between the House and Senate.  Delegate Gilbert also made sure that VCDL’s last minute concerns were addressed promptly as the deal rapidly approached being finalized.  Thanks also to Delegate Scott Lingamfelter who kept a watchful eye on everything and also submitted his own bill to help with reciprocity.

Delegate Lee Ware (Powhatan and Chesterfield),  has been putting in full recognition/reciprocity bills for VCDL for the last 3 years or so.  Last year he almost got it passed - until the State Police tanked his bill in a finance committee for totally bogus reasons. This year Ware’s bill, (HB 12, nonetheless!) was rolled into Delegate Webert’s bill and has now been signed into law. Thank you, Delegate Ware, for helping VCDL blaze the trail on full reciprocity/recognition!
And a big thanks are due to the other legislators who put in their own preemption bills to stop what Herring had done.  Their bills were either rolled into Reeves or Webert’s bills, or dropped since they weren’t needed:  Senators Bill Carrico, Amanada Chase (a freshman who has come out swinging hard for gun rights),  Tom Garrett, Emmett Hanger, and Delegate Bob Marshall.

Finally, thanks to Carpetbagger McAuliffe for signing the bill and to carpetbagger AG Herring for creating such an uproar that VCDL finally got a bill signed into law that it had been trying to get passed for the last seven years!

VCDL played a key role in the negotiations, with our support being a necessary component of the deal going forward.

Virginia will FINALLY honor the permits from all other states come July 1. Come visit Virginia, America, and feel free to bring your self-defense with you as you enjoy the wonderful, historical, and beautiful Old Dominion!

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