Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2013, Stolen Elections...

So, we seem to have a number of people who are not exactly sure where they lived when it was time to vote last year....was it Maryland or Virginia....Here is the link to the Fox story.

So, maybe its just me, but those areas close to Maryland are some of the same areas that are very densely populated and very blue or democratic in color.....They think the actual cross over voters were small in number, but before now, we did not even know of the dual registrations  How about carpetbaggers from DC or West VA or the blue sections of NC? Could there have been enough illegal yankee carpet baggers voters to make a difference. I think it is a pretty good bet that it could, it seems that every recent close election seems to "find" enough last minute democratic votes to come up the winner.

Thomas Jefferson was a Virginian, Governor Letcher was a Virginian  the current governor is no more a Virginian in heritage or beliefs than the man in the moon and should be recalled from office and sent home to whatever part of yankeedom he was spawned from.

Friday, April 18, 2014

From Pastor Eric Willoughby of Triedstone Christian Center of Blacksburg, Virginia to the congregation...

"I was pondering this statement after it was said on the Radio this morning; "It wasn't the nails that kept Jesus on the cross — but love."  

He voluntarily gave Himself up, becuase He loved you. 

As we go about our business this weekend, let us meditate on the question "What is so good about Good Friday?"  Jesus was beaten and tortured to the point where he was unrecognizable.  As John 19 says, "Pilate then took Jesus and scourged Him. And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on His head, and put a purple robe on Him; and they began to come up to Him and say, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and to give Him slaps in the face.Pilate came out again and *said to them, “Behold, I am bringing Him out to you so that you may know that I find no guilt in Him.” Jesus then came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. Pilate *said to them, “Behold, the Man!” So when the chief priests and the officers saw Him, they cried out saying, “Crucify, crucify!” Pilate *said to them, “Take Him yourselves and crucify Him, for I find no guilt in Him.” The Jews answered him, “We have a law, and by that law He ought to die because He made Himself out to be the Son of God.”
Eternal life is available to us, if we ask Him.  In Him, we have victory because our Savior took all our pain, sorrow, shame, guilt and sin and buried it once and eternally.  Let us walk forward today reminded of the love He has for each of us.  Let us walk with confidence that we have a Risen Lord!  He has defeated death, sin and the grave.  So what is so good about Good Friday?  How has Jesus brought you out of darkness and into light?  Let us reflect on God's goodness today and how He has brought life into each of our own lives.  Jesus was a "man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" (Isaiah 53:3).  If you feel grief in your own life today, please be reminded that Jesus will never leave nor forsake you.  Let us look up and Praise the King of Kings as we go about our weekend, remembering what the true reason for this season is! "

May all who hear this be blessed, may those who do not know Him be stirred to reach out this weekend, and may those who do know Him be lead those who love and reach out to those who need His saving grace......

Monday, April 14, 2014

Russian Air force makes fools play with the US Navy.....and all the US can do is whine....

Article attached.............(Hat tip to Free North Carolina Blog Site)

The Russian Air Force made a number of fly-bys around the USS Donald Cook. They are doing the same thing I do when I tease my cats. See I know that no mater how much I tease them, I am bigger and I will always be the winner......they just get teased.

So the Russians did the same....they teased knowing that we could not respond. But we did whine...thats about all this government can do in the face of the Russians anyway.

Honestly, does any sane person think that the milk toast modern hollowed out military forces of the west can even start to win a old fashion loss taking slug match with an old fashion military doctrine like the Chinese or Russians. Whining and begging the other guy to stop is not a winning strategy (ask WWII Europeans defeated in early WWII) and beating a bunch of camel jocks who have no significant industry or air superiority in the desert is not a military feat....even that we don't do well (we are still in the sandbox)......the Russians and Chinese have actual industries and all the same toys we do, some of them paid for or developed by us.....

The succession of people elected to the yankee congresses and white house, with a special tip of the big red clown nose to the kenyan living there now has made a joke of the us. We have squandered our economic power and no owe our way of living to the very people who mock us. Daily the government takes a special opportunity to terrorize the people who live here.

And on the other hand, what do you think we would do if they sailed a warship in the Chesapeake Bay or Gulf of Mexico ......oh yeah.......whine about it and beg them to leave....

The ole' Confederate Solider in my heart laughs at this yankee governments failures, the Virginian in my heart bleeds for the waste and damage this yankee government creates around the world.