Sunday, February 9, 2014

To use a term I learned from Bill Nye (I think I got the name right), we need to get our attention off the sparklies provided for us to address by those whom will us harm. For years now the governments and main stream media have created news and events to keep us busy. Meanwhile, under our feet the world was turned. Whether it is the resident in the White House saying saying he would work under the radar, or do his will with a pen and a phone, or the news using shootings, both large and small, to scream about registration, confiscation,, we can limit the Constitution, no we cant, maybe we should just dump the constitution....on and on, all designed to keep everyone in a dither ... sparklies.

Look around, speaking as a born Virginian, what we used to call carpet baggers and scalewags have largly destoyed our southern culture. Across the total breadth of the (less than) united states, progressives and liberals of all type are in full control of public, private, and military institutions and running them all to gorund, and this nation with them. And we have done nothing, for generations.....

It is time to take it all ......... back.It may be long past the road to civil war, but at least we can set up some of the terms....We need to stop allowing the enemy to set the terms of the conversation. We need to stop trying to be so civil. We need to be activist in all we do.

Stop and decide, here and now, will you or will you not make a difference. Today. Get grounded in God, in a deep faith that will take you through hard times for they are a coming. As men such as Jefferson understood, the bedrock of this society was founded in the tenets of Christian teachings. Stand for faith, for God, Christ and the church where there is a heaven and hell not just a "wishy washy" message of social goodness and relative humanism. Stand for personal soverignty, stand for the freedoms listed in the Declaration of Independence. Learn, preach, and live Jefferson style independence. Become a loud voice for the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursiut of happiness.

You can not watch the sparklies and let things happen. You will have to take stands, stands that many, including friends, folks at work and church, social friends, almost everyone will not understand or even like. Stop going to stores that support the enemy and tell other to do the same...I said tell, don't ask. Get involved in local groups and clubs and get them to walk away from the enemy facilities. And make sure the enemy knows you are working against them. Isolate them and isolate your resources. Get off the grid as much as possible to safeguard your assets. Stop playing the game by their rules.

And know that if you say yes to do this, you will quickly be on the front line. They will try to ridicule you and cut you from the heard. Turn on them, use ridicule to isolate them. They are killers, call them killers. They destroy lives by making slaves of people, call them out as slavers. Remember socialism/communism/big government kills people. Tell everyone of the deaths in the 20th century due to government. Work to win converts or at least make people pause before allowing that next TSA body scan, but don't try to change the liberal mind, it is a waste of your time and energy. Like pigs, they like wallowing in the mud slinging. With them, isolate them and change the conversation, it confuses them. 

It is long past time to get engaged. Find a like minded tribe and get on with it.