Saturday, September 20, 2014

Well, the ballot box battle is o'er and Scotland is still a vassal state in the UK.

However, over 40 percent who voted for secession  Stop with that fact for a moment. The modern age is one of massive mobility. Here in Virginia, the Commonwealth is full of Non-Virginians. Many people don't see the value of state or regional heritage. With The War (1860-1865), the wars of the 20th century, the changes to the definition of citzenship in the constitution and generally the mobility of our population....that has been lost. Most people call themselves "Americans, it is difficult today to find enough "Virginians" to have a lawn dart game. Never mind finding enough to vote for secession.

But Scotland had 40 percent who, after 300 hundred years of being part of the Empire, after serving in her military, after being taught the English version of history and all that came with being "British"....wanted to be separate. I am impressed.

I am also hopeful they will hold to the faith and come back for another round at independence. This time maybe they can study up on the foundational concepts of sovereignty and win over the rest of the nation to being truly nationally and personally free.

In the honor of the Scots, we shall place a modified version of their flag in our mast head for a while. May God Bless the Scots....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ok, short post......the questions that surround the Scottish vote are countless. Are they really voting for national and personal freedom? Or are they actually trading one form of socialism for another form of socialism....or worse.

Every Scottish (Irish, Virginiain, and Confederate) part of my heritage and background says give Britain the heave ho....take back the fields from Culloden.......and in the end I pray they will.

I also pray they will turn back from socialism, turn away from the EU, the UN, the IMF, The FUSA......to say nothing of the former soviets and chinese .........I pray to Heaven the Scots will reach out for true national freedom and set the Scots free........

I pray it sets the world on fire for true freedom, not this  "arab spring", "muslim uprising" or the western driven chaos in the Ukraine all driven by our very own CIA/IMF/ western banker.

I know the status quo is not sustainable, so change is coming one way or another......

So today I lift a virtual pint to the Scots, vote for freedom, total freedom and maybe next stop will be Spain.....

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