Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If ever there was a better indication of the malinvestment boom created by an interfering Fed, this is it. As demand for shipping collapses on real slowing in the global economy - markets have "told" shipbuilders to "build it and they will come"... here is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.

(Taken verbatium from Zero Hedge who gives credit to NMMGreenwich)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The news has recorded a number of Russian bomber flights over Europe and now over the Pacific near Kalifornia. Links to recent stories are here, here, and here for a sampling. Google the topic and there are a lot more reports.

What is somewhere between sad and funny is the west wondering what to make of it. The problem is no more complex than the bully in the school yard or the new tough guy on the block marking his territory.

But in the west, where the age old concepts of power and force have been rejected for a weak form of "diplomacy", we are stunned by the show of force. The west struts around like a bunch of powerful peacocks while in fact they have no real ability to project power. It is simple old world big stick diplomacy and they know they have the upper hand.

The Russians and their allies have in fact bank rolled the west, and the west has become soft and dependent. They know we can not afford to even talk about shooting one of them down, much less actually do it.  Imagine for a moment what would happen if they decide to cause an economic collapse. This is not 1939 or 1940....this time when the money dries up, the cities will devolve into anarchy. the nation will go into grid lock. There is no "'merica" that will gel into a solid fighting force as it did after Pearl Harbour. Oh, they would suffer some economic loss, but not nearly what we would feel.

Unfortunately, there is no easy or quick way out of this jam. The west has been on a track that has created a weak, short sighted, narcissist  self serving and self indulgent society. It has a shallow understanding of right and wrong so there is no inner or moral strength. There is no depth of character or patience. Meals are fast food and the news is sound bites. There is little honor or respect. Many of our people are ashamed to be what they are. The PETA folks honor animals more than humans, the left progressive "earthers" honor "nature" over mankind. White guilt, black power, La Raza....all are signs of hatred and disunity hidden behind "diversity". Too many people celebrate the option to kill children through abortion and older folks through euthanasia. Either way, it is celebrating death, not life.. 

This is a track that is self destructive. The Russians or Chinese don't need to attack as much as they need to simply collect the remains of what was great people. But we were great due to our faith and freedom in God and the disciplines taught through the scriptures. Principles of honoring the one God and his Son who died for us, through prayer and worship. Applying the scripture lessons of truth, faith, respect, responsibility,  honor.....everything we have tossed out the window. 

We can not fix this problem through government. No we must change it at home. We must go to church, a church that teaches a true faith. That will eliminate almost all of the denominational churches, most of them make bargains around the 10 commandments of one sort or another. Pay down debts and stop borrowing. Invest locally and stop banking in the big banking system. Stop flying and avoid all government travel search operations  Do not give your consent, restrict government at every turn. Get off the grid. Resist the government at every turn as they try to stop us from making them irrelevant  Stop taking children to public school....home school and church school. Allow boys to be boys and girls to be girls.....and expect fathers to be men who love and respect their wives and teach respect to the children. Expect children to obey parents and tell Child Protective services they are out of a job in almost all cases. Take strong sovereign freedom stands in every situation. It will be a long long road,....but there is no option. 

The scriptures are full of accounts where Israel turned from God, turned from the teachings of God and the result was a weak society and ruin for generations. Returning to the teachings of God brings us back to the basic principles that lead to a strong society and a society he can bless as a result. 

I don't worry about the bombers, I worry about the damage we have done and are doing to ourselves.